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Stainless steel plant in China was added nickel ore inventory from Indonesia Philippines since setting an export ban on nickel ore in January.

Stainless steel prices may increase in December

According to reports that stainless steel prices will increase in December due to LME nickel prices have stopped falling.


Stainless steel plant in China was added nickel ore inventory from Indonesia Philippines since setting an export ban on nickel ore in January.


However, in the coming rainy season from November to January in the Philippines was reduced nickel ore exports and make the output of nickel pig iron iron factories of China received orders to tighten.


Currently the price of nickel is $ 16.535 / ton and some stainless steel mill China raised stainless steel cold rolled their 100 USD / ton.


Reason will stir stainless steel prices go up in December, but the plant still needs to be recognized that the market demand is still quite weak.


Posco steel plate supply for automobile assembly to Volkswagen

As reported that South Korea's Posco will supply steel plates for automobile assembly to a factory at Volkswagen Germany.


This will be the first time the largest steel producer in Korea exporting steel products for automotive assembly plants in Germany and the cooperation agreement could be signed this year.


Expected Posco will start providing mounting plate cars in 2015, with an annual supply of 50,000 ~ 70,000 tons.


The average price of H2 scrap from Japan holds steady

As reported that the average price of H2 scrap from Japan in the Kanto, Kansai CBD and is 27.543 yen / ton in the fourth week of November, remained stable compared to the previous week.


Among them, the average price of steel scrap in Kanto area is 28 833 yen level / ton, stable; in the central region was 25.420 yen / ton, remaining unchanged and in the Kansai region was 28.375 yen / ton, unchanged compared with all of the previous week.


Japan's Tokyo Steel increases crude steel output in October

Tokyo Steel of Japan said crude steel production of the company in November reached 203,400 tonnes, up 16,300 tonnes or 8.7% from the previous month.


Among them, 32,500 tonnes of crude steel was produced at the Tahara factory, 54,000 tons at the Okayama factory, 72 200 tonnes at 44,700 tonnes workshops in Kyushu and Utsunomiya workshops.


Meanwhile, JFE Bars & Shapes Corp. registered a 4% increase in crude steel output to reach 230 200 tonnes.


Osaka Steel Joint Stock Company produces about 78 300 tonnes, crude steel production. Public limited liability company Kyoei Steel reported crude steel production reached 155 200 tonnes.


China welded steel pipe exports increased between January month of ten

According to statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the daily steel output of China's welded pipe exports reached 164,742 tons average in November, up 0.5% from the previous month.


In October, total production of welded steel pipe of the country amounted to 5.11 million tons, up 4.92 million tons from last month and up 9% from the previous year.


During the period of October, welded steel pipe production in China rose to 47.07 million tons, up 7% from the previous year.


Iran's steel production reached 13.5 million tons in first 10 months

According to reports that Iran's steel output reached 13.51 million tons in the first ten months of 2014, increased by 6.23% over the same period last year.


The production of steel in China reached 23.19 million tons in the east between January to October and Iran's total steel output of about 58.25% of total world steel production, according to statistics sustainability of WSA.


Iran has increased its crude steel production since 2008 when the country produced about 9.96 million tons in 2008.

(Source guide: Yiehcorp)